What is 3dpro.bg

3dpro.bg is a trading platform that offers products from different manufacturers from Bulgaria. This is a platform that collects 3D printing products making it easier for consumers to search for products related to the industry.The products come directly from the manufacturer.

How orders are delivered to Greece

Orders placed through the 3dpro.bg system are delivered via Speedy forwarders. Each order is shipped to the forwarder’s office -> look at offices in Greece

Delivery time

Delivery time for the product within up to 5 business days. If the manufacturer  has the goods in stock it is usually shipped the next day. If the product is out of stock or currently unavailable we will send you a message to select another product. Shipping is not sent on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as public holidays.

Delivery Price

From 8 euro to 16 euro – depending on the number of filament rolls

What are the manufacturers we offer

We only offer manufacturers of 3D printer material (filament) on the Bulgarian market. We personally test their materials on our 3D printers so we check their quality periodically.


IMPORTANT – Ordering products from different manufacturers –

If you order products from DIFFERENT manufacturers in our system this will result in shipments from different places. We recommend that you only order material from ONE Manufacturer. If you order from two different manufacturers – you will PAY 2 separate deliveries price!

sold by aleksina ltd————

Order Delay

3dpro.bg is NOT responsible for delayed orders. Goods are shipped by the manufacturer and we cannot be responsible for any delay.

Large quantities (15+ rolls)

If you want large quantities or a collective order please email us. We will negotiate a quantity price and check the shipping cost.

If you have any questions before ordering feel free to email us.

Manufacturers selling in Greece

Филамент Spectrum PETG Glitter STARDUST BLUE

Spectrum Filament
(Sold by: Aleksina Ltd.)

Delivery to Greece – View All Filaments

over 10 pcs -> Contact Us

Payment: Pay with Card (only)

PLA филамент Интензивно оражево - 3dline

Delivery to Greece – View All Filaments

Payment: Cash on Delivery (only)

Филамент ABS+ Черен - GD

GD Filament
Delivery to Greece – View All Filaments

Payment: Cash on Delivery (only)

Choose a delivery OFFICE in Greece

Filament greece 3d printing

Step 1
Please Find your local office in Greece –  look at offices in Greece

Filament greece 3d printing

Step 2
Copy the name and office number from the forwarder’s website from step 1.

Step 3
Add all information about you.
Name: In latin
Phone number: –
Email: –
City: In Latin

Step 4
If you want Company Invoice use – More Information Box
Company name, VAT NUMBER in Views, Accountable person, Adress